Your home is your most valuable investment.

Your Home is your Castle, Let Us Defend It!

There is a lot of information regarding the best way to remove unwanted pests and it can be confusing. Different companies have varying standards for remediation and it might seem like even the professionals have information that is all over the map.

At Castle Pest Control we communicate and operate with Integrated Pest Management in mind ALWAYS.

We offer guaranteed work.

This means our priority is not just eliminating your problem but preventing it from coming back in the future and we stand by our warrantied work. We will find the conditions contributing to pest harborage for you and solve your problem fast, responsibly and as eco-friendly as possible so you can rest easy knowing you have received the professional care that you are paying for.

Our staff pride themselves on ethical practices and our technicians are knowledgeable with broad industry experience. We will ensure your concerns are addressed in an honest manner that meets expectations. Below are some of the examples of our residential services, see our PESTS page for what remediation is available in residential properties.

  • Inspections.
  • Treatments.
  • Preparation services for Bed bugs.
  • Heat or Chemical Treatments for Bed bugs.
  • Small Repairs – Preventative or Remediation.
  • Clean out services for Rodents and Birds.