Charges Are Per Visit*

Initial Cockroach Treatment is $150.00+GST with subsequent visits priced at $75.00+GST per follow-up. 

Coackroaches may be found in a few different species local to Manitoba. In general, most encounters will be of the German Cockroach variety.

German Cockroaches measure about 1/2″ to 5/8”. The color appears light brown to tan except for two dark longitudinal stripes on their backs. Female cockroaches will lay approximately five egg pouches in their life span containing 30-40 eggs. Maturity sprouts quickly with a 54-215 day cycle to mature from egg to adult, with an average of 103 days. Humidity plays an important factor, for example an environment maintained at 27C and 40% relative humidity will accelerate the average to 50-60 days. For this reason Manitoba structures with no access to air conditioning will have an accelerated presence of activity from entry to discovery.

Sanitation habits play the most important role for controlling cockroaches when paired with a treatment program. It is important to reduce areas of accessible water and food. In fact, managing standing or soiled water is the most critical in reducing the durations associated to cockroaches. The lifespan is reduced to almost half when water is isolated and remains inaccessible during treatments. Competing food sources such as oils, spills, general small spillage is also important to be maintained and swiftly rectified to ensure our products are the primary consumption for a cockroach.

We may utilize granular baits, gel baits, residual powders, powder baits and spray suspensions of pesticides in order to remove an issue in a timely manner. Combined with high quality food sanitation storage and cleaning our recommended treatment plan will yield a quick turn around time on isolating and removing a cockroach infestation. Education will be provided to occupants for the best practices to proceed forward with a renewed education to focus on prevention against future infestations.  

Due to the nature of cockroaches being structurally infesting with no reliable way to predict hidden quantities of insects in walls and pipe chases, services are completed on a bill by visit basis. It is recommended after the final service and finding of cockroaches to continue to monitor for 90 days at minimum of monthly inspections of the insect monitors to ensure the issue does not rebound. Often cockroach treatments fail not due to the quality of the service but the failure to monitor for three months after the last spotted cockroach.