Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

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There are two different philosophies when it comes to treating Bed bugs and we are happy to accommodate any budget by offering both tiers of treatment:

  • Heat Treatments

  • Chemical Applications.

Bed bugs are one of the most problematic pests in the pest control industry to deal with. Did you know you could expose yourself to bed bugs and not even be aware you’ve picked up a hitchhiker? Cleanliness and living conditions can play a part in delaying discovery of a bed bug infestation but it certainly doesn’t determine if you get them, everyone is vulnerable. You will hear a lot of mixed information when inquiring on Bed bugs from different service providers and it can be stressful. Trust us, we know. This is why we offer both tiers of service as every situation is unique. Regardless of your selection on which service you require, preparation will need to be completed before we can treat. When booking your service we will require an email address to forward preparation details for Castle Technicians to successfully eliminate your infestation.


Over the years we have witnessed mixed scenarios when one treatment method over the other can be the most effective. Castle Pest Control is happy to offer both tiers of Bed bug services. We take bed bugs very seriously, in fact it is the pest we know can have the most emotional impact on your lives once discovered, we’ve seen this first hand. We offer and recommend Heat Treatments for Bed bugs and guarantee these treatments for 90 days (these treatments still include chemical applications). Our heat treatments include:

  • Removal by vacuum of visible eggs, casings and live Bed bugs at time of service.

  • Commercial Steam Treatment of all accessible furnishings.

  • Deployment of Glueboard Monitors

  • Application of a commercial residual pesticide rated to destroy the infestation.

Heat Treatments Guaranteed for 90 days*

Heat treatments starting at $185.00 +GST for Apartments / Starting at $900.00 +GST for Houses.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment/ Apprehend Treatment residential

1br $900.00

2br $1000.00

3br $1100.00

4br $1200.00

5br+ $1450.00 base, quoted/adjusted after site seen


BB Management Companies/Apartments:

1br $185.00

2br $350.00

Chemical Applications:

In scenarios where the infestation is minor or budget constraints are a concern we can perform chemical applications in your home and will:

  • Wrap and Prepare any furnishings recommended by your technician for disposal.

  • Apply a commercial residual pesticide rated to destroy the infestation.

  • Deploy insect monitors to the perimeter of your living space so you can monitor activity levels for up to 90 days after we’ve sprayed.


Canine Prevention And Detection:

We also offer the use of a K9 Detection dog for investigation of suspected bed bugs, similar to police drug detection dogs these K9’s seek out bed bugs searching and smelling for the pheromones bed bugs produce. Call to inquire for availability and pricing or head over to our Bed bug Prevention page for more details.