Our Guarantee

Guaranteed Services

At Castle Pest Control we guarantee our work on many available services. We will resolve your issues in a timely manner and may make recommendations that will assist us to resolve your concerns fast.

In order to ensure our services are being performed as effectively as possible we may have corrective actions recommended to our clients, we will assist in providing any information needed to correct these concerns and can make small repairs (fee may be applicable) or offer additional services to resolve the issues currently causing you distress. We have a few affiliate contractors that we trust and may recommend them in these areas to assist you should the task be too complicated or challenging to do yourself or for our technicians.

It is important these recommendations be followed to ensure your guarantee remains valid and we will do our best to ensure you have as little to worry about to solve the issues you’ve hired us to remediate.

Our Guarantees extend to original infestations at the time of initial inspection until conclusive evidence reflects the issue has been resolved through continued monitoring or follow up inspections.

If we are unable to resolve your concerns within the initial service interval laid out by your technician, we guarantee we will continue to follow up with intervals specific to the pest with our best efforts to effectively treat and follow up until your pests are removed at no additional cost for the duration of the guarantee period*

*Guarantees on services are at no charge within the City of Winnipeg. Exception: Fees for rural communities outside Winnipeg are quoted at a cost predicted for a treatment schedule typical for target pests and infestation level. Services performed and durations required for additional treatments while on site as part of the service guarantee are at no expense to the client. A Fuel Surcharge of $0.35* per Kilometer and additional labor charges for travel durations may still be applicable.

*Mileage rates and travel labor are subject to change based on current market impacts. This is for additional follow up beyond the initial treatment schedule agreed at the initial visit/quotation for travel costs to rural communities. There is no fee for the additional labor/service performed, follow up inspection, treatment or additional products consumed for treating the issue.

Wasps/Hornets – Guarantees limited to accessible nests for physical removal. Cockroach Treatments are not accompanied by a service guarantee and are billed per visit.

Policy Information and Cancellations.


Service agreements, when agreed to by the client, will commence on the date specified in the service proposal. At the end of the program term, the services will continue unless terminated by the client with thirty (30) days written notice. This information can be forwarded to info@castlepestcontrol.ca or letter mailed to:

Castle Pest Control: 23-845 Dakota St. Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2M 5M3


Services performed outside the city of Winnipeg are subject to fuel surcharge billed at $0.35* per Kilometer. *Mileage rates and travel labor are subject to change based on current market impacts.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy therefore we strongly enforce our rule to keep all client personal information confidential. Failure to do so is reason for immediate staff dismissal.