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Integrated Pest Management (Standard, Third Party Audited and Food Facilities)

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Castle Pest Control offers a wide range of services to suit your businesses needs. We employ a multitude of measures to ensure your business has the Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM Program) you require to protect your site from invading pests.

Whether it is Rodents, Insects, Birds, Stored Product Pests, Wildlife or Bed bugs, we have a solution for your business.

We also perform small repairs geared towards exclusion so you don’t have to increase your service costs or frequencies because of vulnerable structural points within your facility.

H.A.C.C.P. Certified Practices for audited sites (B.R.C, A.I.B, F.S.Q.A, G.F.S.I, F.S.Q.M.S etc.)

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One of the most important parts of Audited Food Plant Programs is it’s pest control. Your site will be managed by technicians that have been responsible for some of the biggest food plants in the industry located in Manitoba. We understand that audited facilities require a strong attention to detail and full compliance with auditing programs, documentation and quick response to pests. These requirements are always treated as a paramount concern. Castle’s philosophy is deep rooted in prevention, should prevention fail and pests invade your facility then a corrective action plan with swift implementation may be needed. Audited sites are always treated sensitively with Castle Pest Control and rapid response when needed is treated with the upmost priority.

Property Management:

We offer various programs and services to property managers. As part of our accessibility and paperless initiative, digital work orders can be provided with every service with attached photos on reports sent to your staff so there is no confusion regarding what corrections need to be made. We have itemized tracking for large volume properties that will itemize services performed per suite and compile data directly to you in an organized fashion with each report. No more manual written work orders with confusing language or unclear corrective actions.

Property Managers:

Call to inquire, Castle Pest Control does not require service contracts. we will address your concerns on an as needed basis (subject to availability). We do not believe in locking property managers into service agreements you can’t escape from. Castle Technicians stand by their services and feel no need to secure a contract or tie you into a program. Your technician may suggest recommendations for preventatives to aid in the elimination of facility-wide issues that occur on a regular basis and these may be communicated on an as needed basis.