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MICE – Knockdown and Removal

$200.00 + GST**

Squirrels – Knockdown/Removal Interior ATTIC Service and/or EXTERIOR
Trapping Below 3 Meters including use of lock and key secure traps. EXT.
Cost higher due to the volume of follow up required.

$295.00 Interior + GST
$415.00 Exterior + GST (Below 10 ft)
$550.00 Exterior + GST (Above 10 ft)

Squirrels – ABOVE 3 Meters – Exterior ACCESS (2nd Technician Required)

$500.00 + GST

Ants – Yard/lawn Treatment (Non-Wood BORING)

$169.99 + GST, include interior baiting for additional $19.99 + GST

Carpenter Ants – Interior/Exterior Treatments (Includes BOTH)

$395.00 + GST *

Cockroachs – Interior – Fees listed for cockroaches are per service.

$150.00 + GST

Bed Bugs – Heat Treatment (Apartment)

$185.00 Apartment + GST

Bed Bugs – Heat Treatment (House)

$900.00 House + GST

Bed Bugs – Chemical Treatment (House)

$435.00 + GST

Wasps/Hornets – Treatment Or Removal (Below & Above 10 Feet)

$85.00 Below 10 Feet + GST
$205.00 Above 10 Feet + GST

Wildlife – At this time, the live capture and removal of wildlife is not an offered service to residential clients.

* Promotion for Mice is flat rate $200.00, severe infestations or larger RESIDENCES may be quoted higher due to the need for more aggressive treatment and service schedules or higher volume of equipment placements. Most detected mice infestations fall within our flat rate fee.

**Carpenter Ant fees can range in price depending on the level of infestation. Listed promotional price is the average cost per home based in Winnipeg.