Bed Bug Preparation Services

Bed Bug Preparation Services (Billed Hourly)

Preparing for Treatments is difficult, let us help!

Preparing for a treatment with bed bugs can be a process, it is labor intensive and requires a critical eye for care when preparing your site. We offer services to assist in the preparation of your space because we understand you may not have time to do it or you may have mobility issues preventing you from completing the process, let us help.

Failing to meet the preparation guidelines can harm your warranty on services provided, we’re happy to assist you to ensure the provider you chose and their recommendations have been followed to resolve your problem.
If another company is doing the treatment, that’s fine! We are happy to lend a hand.

Castle Pest Control is happy to provide services and will prepare the following:

  • Remove baseboards and outlet/light switch covers.
  • Itemize and bag fabrics/clothing to be laundered.
  • Shrink Wrap furniture for disposal.
  • Vacuum floors and carpet spaces to minimize activity at floor level that will potentially migrate once chemicals have been applied. Many companies require this before treatment. Vacuuming with your household vacuum can do the job but it may risk delays in establishing control if the Bed bugs are not removed from your vacuum correctly and escape. This can cost more money for extended treatment follow ups. Contact us for more information regarding preperation for treatments.