Bird Control & Exclusion

Bird Control

Birds are a beautiful part of any ecosystem but in urban, industrial or commercial structures they can be a risk to public safety and create many unpleasant environments due to their habits and biology.

Birds can carry and transfer a multitude of dangerous pathogens and viruses so it is important they are excluded from areas on a property that might result in risks to public health. Air exchange systems on rooftops can be a congregation point and this can risk contaminants entering a building’s air circulation system. Bird activity can develop near overhead structures such as overhangs, canopies, guard rails, lamp posts, roof support beams ect. and can be used as perches or nesting areas. Bird defecation can accumulate as a health concern to the public and it can be an eye sore to staff and clients, it is important to find remediation of bird activity to avoid costly clean ups down the road and to avoid complaints.

Services available for Birds include and are not limited to:

  • Exclusion through permanent anchored bird netting. A wire frame is anchored to your structure and high-quality synthetic netting is used as a barrier from bird activity entering problem areas.
  • Spiking with wire or plastic spike strips to prevent perching birds.
  • Live Trapping and removal.
  • Baiting with non-kill Avicides (Bird feed mixed with low concentration treated bird feed to upset the digestive systems of birds so they learn your property is an area to avoid)
  • Predatory audio loudspeaker devices with variable bird calls and frequencies to scare problem birds away.

Each bird infestation is unique, some services are flat rate such as live trapping and bird baiting based on the number of units and interval of inspection. Call to inquire for more details.