Bed Bug Prevention & Canine Detection

Bed Bug Prevention & Canine Inspections

We take prevention seriously. Period.

Bed Bugs can cause emotional harm, cost you money to dispose and replace furniture and not to mention the hours of labor that service providers put into remediating the problem is costly.

We can help you identify an infestation through multiple measures. Services include manual visual inspections, pheromone placement monitors and K9 detection services.

We are proud to offer K9 detection services for investigation of Bed Bugs. Other companies choose to rely purely on products like dry ice and this can be effective, but we don’t rely exclusively on products which rely on Bed Bugs to come to us when we can seek them out directly. Did you know that a high volume of the jobs we perform find the Bed Bugs are present within the confines of furnishings? The best way to detect Bed Bugs is to utilize our K9 affiliate(s) to seek out and determine which furnishings in your home are the source problems. Dry ice and lures can tell you if you have Bed Bugs but the K9 will not only confirm you have an issue but target which furnishings are the problem. This results in more effective treatments and faster resolution to your problem.

These services are available to all clients residential, industrial and commercial. Call to inquire!