Rodent & Bird Clean Up

Rodent and Bird Clean Up

Rodent and Bird infestations can result in serious structural damage and sanitary concerns to your health.

Rodent Clean Outs/Feces Removal:

Rodent feces can carry the Hantavirus and can lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome(HPS) with a significant mortality rate that occurs very quickly if not diagnosed and treated immediately. This virus exists in the dust found on rodent feces from deer mice and infects a human host through vulnerable areas of the body such as the lungs, eyes or open sores/flesh. It is important if you believe you have an infestation of mice and droppings are found to use extreme caution when investigating and removing the droppings as exposure can be LIFE THREATENING. Castle Pest Control will take appropriate measures to isolate, remove and sterilize areas of concern to ensure you are not at risk from contracting this very dangerous infectious disease. This is achieved by responsible use of sterilization chemicals, vacuums equipped with a combination construction of HEPA rated disposable bags and secondary HEPA filtered air flow venting to ensure no particulates escape.

Services are billed Hourly and ACCOMPANIED with a one time $95.00 Shop Supplies fee, $75.00 Materials Disposal fee per load /round trip for all materials disposed by Castle Pest Control offsite at a municipal dump.

Bird Feces Removal:

The accumulation of bird feces can pose a public health risk. Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis and Cryptococcosis are examples of conditions bird feces may carry and can impact a human from fungal infections to diseases born from fungal spores via introduction to a human host from the bird feces.

It is important not to attempt to remove feces accumulation without safe clothing, safety eye wear and an appropriate breathing respirator or you may be at risk of contracting a potentially fatal illness.

We use dedicated equipment exclusively used for bird feces clean ups with HEPA ratings and will dispose of waste safely without contaminating your property. Please call to inquire on pricing.